Saturday, June 5, 2010

Adding a chip-in to this blog site

Does anyone know how to do that on these blogs now?  I'm trying to use to set up a widget but can't figure out how to get it on my blog.  I tried pasting several into the "widget" feature, but they aren't taking.  Can anyone help?  I'm hoping to set up a fundraiser for a Tonya and will post more as soon as I can figure this out!

I appreciate any help!




  1. Did you try pasting the code into the text widget? I tried that once playing around with something & it worked.


  2. Hey Angela

    I have tried that and the text doesn't seem "right" for this format. I tried several different ones, but none seemed to work. I tried adding it to the widgets and also just putting it in a post. I did this on the old blog - but since it used html, it was different. Being the non-tech person that I am, I can't figure it out! Thank you for trying to help me. Maybe I'll go try that again!



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