Monday, February 22, 2010

Grass Sandals - FIAR Vol 4 Co-op

Just wanted to share another fun co-op day.  The book we are rowing is Grass Sandals which takes place in Japan.  We gathered and read the story.  Then the children learned about Chinese and Japanese writing.  We learned the the original symbols often looked more like the pictures with curving lines.  These though were more difficult to draw with brush and ink.  The curved lines were changed to straight lines.  It was interesting to see the difference.  Loved the man drawn with the symols for the parts of the body!

Then the children (and adults too) were given a paper with symbols on it - usually two or more and they had to try to figure out what the combined symbols meant.  In the picture on the left, you have mouth and ear.  Can you guess what this might be?

Answer:  Listen.  The paper on the right has the symbols for rice and field.  So putting them together is rice field. 

Next, they made paper hats.  They were able to draw, stamp or write on the hats. 

Some worked quickly and other more intently.

The end result was many wonderful hats.

Don't they look great too?

Next, it was time to learn about bamboo.  Notice the large piece of bamboo on the floor.   What I don't have any pictures of is the end of co-op when they each were allowed to go outside and select a piece of bamboo to take for themselves.  I'm sure you can guess what they were used for in the hands of the boys?  Yes, swords.  LOL

The children first learned about the types of animals that eat bamboo.  They looked at a variety of pictures and then put the ones that they thought did eat bamboo on one side of the pole and those that didn't on the other. 

We learned of the many uses for bamboo other than food.  Amazing really!  It can be used to make fibers for clothes (one of the gals teaching was wearing a shirt made of bamboo), as well as in things usually made from hard plastics (keyboard for computer).  It can't be used in anything that gets hot or too wet.  There were many pictures and the children voted yes or no as to whether that item could be made from bamboo. 

The children then played outside for a bit.  Then came in for a yummy snack.

Then it was time to go home.  Thanks friends for another wonderful day!  I'm thankful that my children are able to learn so many interesting things from my friends that I would never have thought to teach.  It is a sweet gift - both to my children and also to me.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of our fun.



  1. What a fun day! Love the hats. :-)


    Pam in SE MI

  2. Leslie, how has all of "life" been lately? The Lord has brought you to mind often, and I've prayed for His strength and grace to be yours just as you need each day.


    Pam in SE MI

  3. Leslie-where do you all get your inspiration? Is this from the unit studies in the book themselves or do you all add in stuff? Are you going to write your book anytime soon-cuz I need it! :0)


    What's in the Box?

  4. Sheri - we use the lessons as a springboard to the topics we will discuss. Then each teaching pair decides what they will be doing with the lesson. I can't take the credit! I'm totally blown away by the creativity shown in each co-op. Truly we are being blessed each time by the gifts and talents of the gals teaching.

    God is using this group to bless our families in many ways. I know that each family in the co-op is very thankful for the gifts that are shared. It's a very sweet thing!

    You can do this too! When you gather others and they share from their talents and passions, you will see the same wonderful things!

    The book. Hmmm ... not sure if/when that will ever happend. *blush* Its something I'll consider, but just not sure when it would happen.


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