Thursday, February 11, 2010

FIAR Art and Music Show

Well, I'm going to try to type this again as I just spent a long time on it - and lost it.  I hate it when that happens.  I'm sure that there should be a lesson in here somewhere, but I'm too tired to look for it at the moment.

Today our FIAR group had an Art and Music show.  We've done something similar in the past, but have never made it a yearly event.  It's been awhile since the last one and this seemed a good year to do it - and it was!  Music was a new component.  It was a sweet thing to be able to experience the musical talents of the children performing as this isn't something we have ever been able to do before.  It was a big hit!  (And one of mine came home and has a renewed interest in learning to play the piano!)  We were able to hear performances on violin, piano, clarinet and bells.  They all did a great job!  I had no idea of the talents!

We were hosted in a local church.  We had tables along the sides of the church on which we displayed artwork.  We milled around looking at various things displayed - and what a display!  Here is a partial ilsting of some of the things displayed - comic book (completely created by the child!), origami, miniatures, mask, sculpture, drawings, paintings, books, 3-D creations, latch-hook, engraving, paper mache, history displays and MORE!  It was really great.  I wish I could show it all too you, but will limit it to mostly mine as I'm not sure others would want theirs displayed.

This is from our co-op last week.  Notice that Elvis is on the far right and the other buy is looking a little like his creator.  (Not the best angle for seeing his spikey-hair, but it's there.  I'll post a comparison picture soon.)

I love this picture.  The medium used was creamy crayons which are similar in texture and brilliance to pastels and very easy to work with.  Daniel was excited to make this and is looking forward to doing more.  I hope he'll be happy to see it in his workboxes tomorrow.

This is also a co-op art project from Snowflake Bentley.  The blocks above the pictures are what was used to create the pictures.

Rebecca shared some of the pieces she entered into the State Fair.  On the left is the waffle breakfast and the right is her jointed doll.  In the center is a piece of birthday cake that Daniel made using Bendaroos.  Can you see some of the origamin in the background?  The blue one is a ball within a ball and the larger purple one is two intertwined rings.  Really cool!

Isaiah enjoyed sharing his FIAR notebook.  We keep all of our work for the year in one notebook and just add to it as we go along. 

Had to share this neat display from  The Pumpkin Runner.  This was not ours, but I didn't think she'd mind us sharing.  I've blurred names though


Just a picture of my littlest cutie. 

We had lunch and play time at a nearby park.  While we were at the drivethrough figuring out our order, i was clarifying requests.  At one point I said "double cheeseburger" and Eliana tried to repeat it!  I was stunned and pleased.  Her language seems to be taking off right now and it's really fun to hear her trying to say more words.  She doesn't often say more than one at a time though, so this was exciting. 

Another fun day with friends.  I'm thankful for this FIAR group!




  1. You have a very talented group.



  2. Leslie, I enjoyed that show so much! Like you, I had no idea of the talents and was so pleased and inspired! It helped Michaela decide what she wants to play as well. I've been urging her to play the piano, but she's definitely settled on the violin. I cannot complain about that at all, as that would be my next choice!

    The notebooks you do with your children are just amazing. I could tell they had learned a lot as Isaiah showed me his notebook. He showed me his vocabulary and seemed so comfortable with the words and what they meant. It actually gave me some inspiration for doing more of that with Michaela.

    As far as Eliana, I have really noticed her talking a lot lately. She tries to say so many things! And her little personality just shines. She's really coming out more and more! She's such a pretty little girl with a very, VERY bright personality! :)



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