Monday, August 3, 2009

Quick update on things here

Over the last couple of days we have started to see Joshua having some lower numbers (80s and 90s).  Not technically "low", but pretty close.  His goal is to be closer to 200.

This morning, we planned to start our first day of school.  The kids got new school things last night and we had planned to go out to eat this morning as per our family tradition.  We got up and were getting going with our day when Joshua says that his stomach hurts.  I take him upstairs and so he can lay down and rest.  The pain gets worse for him and within half an hour, he is sick.  Again.  :-(  He threw up several (3) times and then fell asleep for a couple of hours. 

He seemed to feel much better after sleeping.  He stayed up in the bedroom for the rest of the day though without complaining.  I know he did some good reading and a little bit of math. 

The rest of the kids started school and had a productive (albeit slow) day.  More on all of that later. 

Please pray for health for Joshua.  He told me his stomach hurt again at bedtime.  I hope we are going to see this as a trend.  Planning to email his doctor later tonight - and then hopefully head to bed soon.



  1. We are still praying! I hope you all had a peaceful night. Is the meds making Joshua's tummy sick or the highs and lows? We hope you all have a peaceful and fun first week back to school.



  2. 80's and 90's aren't low. That is actually excellent. : ) I just sent you an e-mail. Still praying for your family.

    Beckie (the one with a diabetic daughter)

  3. Dawn, I'm not sure what is making his tummy hurt. It has been sporadic so it's still something we are trying to figure out. Thank you for your prayers.

    Becky - Thanks for your note. Yes, I realize that 80s and 90s aren't "low", but for Joshua now, 80 is considered low and is to be treated as such. Being a couple of points above it is pretty close to low. He was having numerous lows a few weeks ago and they feel he is safer in the high 100s to 200 range right now while trying to get stabilzed, being in the honeymoon period, etc.

    It is good to know that eventually these will be numbers that are fine for him, but for now, the doctors don't want them that low. It is still a lot to figure out. I appreciate hearing your perspective and experience.




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