Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wed - throwing up ... again

Wow!  This is getting old.  I keep wondering if it's something more than a virus.  It's just odd.  The only thing that make me think it might be a virus is that his brother has been sick too.  Also in a weird sporadic manner.

I could type details, but basically for Joshua, he has been sick in the morning - usually after breakfast.  He is fine by lunch and has been eating well.  I've wondered if it is a reaction to something.  We are going to cut out all milk for 3 days to see if it is a lactose issue.  He has been sick on Fri, Sun, Tue and now today.

I talked with the on-call endocrinologist this morning and she has advised that we keep our doctor appointment today.  I hate to take him in if he has a virus and have prayed for clear answers.

UPDATE:  Well, I guess this is my answer.  One of them anyway.  Rebecca is sick too.  Same type of sickness so I'm guessing we have a virus here.  I've cancelled Joshua's appt for the day.  Hoping we can get it rescheduled soon. 

Please pray for health for our family.  I really don't want this making the rounds - especially for as many days as it has been going on.  Thank you!

Would you pray for healing for our sweet boy?

Thank you,



  1. Praying now! Poor little guy, so much to deal with in such a short span of time.

  2. Leslie - we are all praying for you!! I have a great book to send you if you haven't already gotten it. The Everything Parents Guide of Juvenile Diabetes. EXCELLENT, easy read. Not too "scary". I have an extra copy - LMK when you can!!

  3. healthyhomeschoolJuly 1, 2009 at 4:45 AM

    Dear Leslie, praying for you this morning -- for all of you. I am so sorry to hear that now Becca is sick too. It does sound like just a weird virus. I just feel so badly for you that you're dealing with all of this at once. If I can do anything for you, please call. Know at least that we are praying here.



  4. Thank you sweet friends for your prayers and hugs! I'm thankful for y'all!

    Katie - I would love to read that book. I'll email you. It isn't one that I've seen and "not scary" is a good place right now!

    Lynn - Thank you for your offer of help. I hate to have anyone doing anything with cooties skipping around here. I'm hoping we are done with them now!




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