Sunday, June 21, 2009

Small prayer request

I'm taking Joshua in today to see the doctor for some testing.  He has had some things going on for a few months - and it's really gotten worse recently.  It was especially obvious this week.  Some of the symptoms point to diabetes.  I've asked for the doctor to run a urinalysis to test for this.  (This is all via the appt nurse so hopefully it will happen.)

I've called this morning to see if we need to do anything special (fasting?  eating/not eating certain foods?) before coming in and am waiting to hear back.  Also wanting to confirm that the testing can start today. 

Would you pray that we would get clear answers as to what is going on?  I'm concerned, but also at peace.  I know that Roger is also very concerned.  At this point, Joshua seems calm about all of it.  I just want to find out if there is something we need to do to help Joshua.  We are obviously hoping it is not diabetes. 

I'll update tomorrow when we know more.  Well, I hope we know more, but I'll update either way.

Thank you,



  1. I will be praying Leslie!

  2. Praying, Leslie!

  3. Will be praying! I hope it is just something simple.



  4. Oh man that would be tough! I hope you find a good way to manage his numbers! Poor thing!


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