Sunday, March 15, 2009

A sweet surprise

arrived in the mail for Rebecca and I. 

One of my dear friends from college, Cyndi, sent these beautiful notecards to Rebecca and I.  She and I reconnected after Eliana was born and she has been such a sweet encouragment to me through so many struggles. 

I am thankful for this precious friend and her heart for loving Jesus and others.

Thank you sweet friend!



  1. That is a very sweet gift! Hooray. :)

  2. How thoughtful of her! Especially to remember your sweet Rebecca.

    Melissa C

  3. Sweet Leslie...

    It has been busy around our house the past week, and have missed logging onto your site since Christopher's birthday. How surprised I am to see the notecards here that I sent you! When I saw the picture, it brought tears to my eyes. You are so sweet to write about something like that! What a precious friend you are!

    Love, Cyndi


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