Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Planner and St. Patrick's Day

Just a quick post on the planner I am using since Leanne asked about it.

I purchased the planner from Five in a Row and love the beautiful monthly calendar pages and the many other pages in this digital download.

I put tabs on each month for ease of use.  Gotta love those post-it note tabs (which stay on quite well!).

The pages inside each month are a grid for each of my children.  I planned subject areas I wanted to cover at the beginning of the year.  As they do their work each day, I write completed work in my notebook.  Guess it really isn't a planner per se, since I'm really recording in it and not planning.  Anyway, it is working for me.  Here's a picture of the page I'm using.  It's a simple document created in word.  If anyone wants a copy, I'd be happy to send it to you - just shoot me an email.

We just did a few fun things today for St. Patrick's Day.  It was easy for me to add some things into our workboxes and not feel that I was having to do a whole lot of extra planning.  I got everything from either a free download or a website on-line.

We played a shamrock game - which could really be done any time of year.  I printed shamrocks with numbers on them and cut them out.  Then layed then on the floor face down.  The children walked around the circle while music played and when the music stopped, they picked up the card and told me the number.  It's a young game, but still fun.  After playing a few rounds, I had the two youngest boys line them up in order.

We also played some leprechaun tic tac toe.  Who knew such a simple game would be such a hit.  The older children read about St. Patrick, answered a quiz about a variety of things Irish and played some themed computer games.  One of the interesting tidbits we learned today was that 40 percent of US Presidents have some Irish heritage. 

Rebecca is such a good sport to play the games with the boys.  She also made shamrock cookies - slice and bake - for an afternoon treat. 



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