Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Bit more on Workboxes

I've been honestly surprised at how this topic has hit the homeschooling world this week!  It's been posted on numerous message boards and the hits on my blog have been astounding!  I'm thrilled though that people are hearing the message about Sue's wonderful system and hope that it will bless many other families as it has ours!

If you are interested in doing this system - please consider buying Sue's book.  She has put a lot of time and effort into this system and has shared many points in her book that you aren't going to get from a blog post or message board thread. 

One question that I've been asked several times is "where did you get the shelf and boxes".  I found both at Target.  The shelves are actually in the laundry aisle at my target.  Here are the details on the shelf from the box (which is orange).  The cost is approx $15

It's 27 5/8 H x 24 1/4 W x 11 3/8 D and called a 4-Tier Accessory Shelf 

Here is what the box looks like in case you are visual like I am.

I also bought the boxes there and they cost $1 each. 

Ami posted a great piece today about why she likes the workbox system.  I have to agree with her on all of it. 

More tomorrow on a different topic - though this has been a fun one!




  1. Again, I just think it is so awesome that you found something that works so well for you!! It's great to have that feeling. We are in the process of changing a lot of how we homeschool (my working has seriously hindered the usage of Unit Studies, I seem to have lost my organizational skills) and I can't wait to get back to that feeling of "Oh yeah...this works!!"

  2. Hugs to you friend! You are a great mom and I have no doubt that you will find a new way of doing things that works for all of you!

  3. Leslie, I ended up finding the shelves and boxes at Target today, They are PERFECT! They're all loaded and ready for tomorrow. I can't believe how much there is for my kids to do, and they've been saying they're bored! LOL. No reason for that now...it's all there for them.

    Thanks again for all your help :)

  4. Yeah!!! I'm so glad you found what you needed - and that you are all set to go! I hope you'll have a blast! I'd love to hear how it goes.

  5. Target's marketing and research department are going to be scratching their heads at what set off this sudden interest in white shelves from the laundry department and plastic shoeboxes!!!! :)


    The Family Revised

  6. Thank you for posting the picture of this box and where you found it. I've looked everywhere BUT Target, including Wal-Mart and haven't found this darned shelf!! I should've just started at Target, I guess.

  7. Brenda - too funny! It would be fun to know what they were thinking.

    Charlotte - I'm so glad it helped. I know a picture is great for me!

  8. Thank you for giving so much detail in what you purchased! I printed out your photo of the box from Target and took it to the store with me. Now I'm just waiting on my order of Velcro dots to arrive. <sigh>

    Julia in StL

  9. I love the idea of workboxes! However, I have 9 children, 16 years down to 1 year old. I would love to use this system, but with so many little ones, I just know that all of these neat little boxes will eventually be all over the place, judging by past experience! I have a very difficult time getting my children to put things away as it is. My 14-yr-old loses his school papers, pencil, etc. quite frequently. Do you have any ideas? Thanks a bunch!

  10. Hi Anon,

    I can certainly understand why the idea of so many boxes around is a little overwhelming. Here are a couple of ideas - hopefully something will be helpful.

    1. Start doing them with the children that you think that they would help most. The ones that need structure. I started with my boys in the middle.

    2. Don't do boxes for all of them. I just recently added boxes for my newly turned 3yo. You could choose not to have them for your youngest children. Also, my oldest doesn't do them either. He has all of his work in a large bin and just works on his own. It works for him.

    3. Have you considered altering the system for some of your children? One of my friends usese file folders in bins for her children. If you search my blog for workboxes, it should be one on of the early posts as either Jessica or Color Me Orange (blog name).

    4. You could also consider other alterations such as combining shelves if you are doing fewer than 12 boxes. Use a tower style instead of the rack for a smaller footprint on the floor. Use bookshelves already in place.

    Does any of this help? I hope so!




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