Wednesday, January 14, 2009

FIAR Ornaments

Our FIAR group (our local one, not the on-line one) did an ornament swap again this year.  This is our 3rd year doing this and our biggest swap thus far (13).  Each ornament represents one of the book titles in the FIAR curriculum.  We had ornaments from Before FIAR (2), FIAR (10) and Beyond (1).  They are so creative and beautiful!  I just love them.  It'is hard to see how beautiful they are since they are 3D and you just miss something in a photo.  Here are some pictures.

 Big Green Pocketbook and Blueberries for Sal

Sorry this one is fuzzy.  I've already packed up the ornaments and don't want to get them back down now.   This is The Story About Ping and Pumpkin Runner.

Truman's Aunt Farm, Duchess Bakes a Cake and Boxcar Children

Wee Gillis and Cowboy Charlie.

Clown of God and Another Celebrated Dancing Bear


 Arabella and Roxaboxen




  1. Those are beautiful!! I am using BFIAR w/ my 4 yr old and will remember this next Christmas. Holly

  2. WOW! THose are very impressive! What a lovely tradition!

  3. I love your ornaments! When my oldest was young (and we still lived in the US) we did FIAR. It was a wonderful way to learn. My youngest is 6 and I have been telling her and I have been thinking of switching back to it for her when I get back to the US this year. The ornaments really turned out cute. What a great project to make one to represent each book!


  4. Sorry, that last post was from me.

    Christy from the FIAR boards

  5. Oh wow Leslie! Those are awesome! Absolutely beautiful! Please remind us of this post next year when the FIAR boards exchange comes around. LOL!

  6. I never particpated, but they are lovely. It makes me want to participate, but yet not because I don't know if we could do something so beautiful. My kiddos would love to do that and receive them too.

    Edwena from FIAR

  7. So after all the pictures this year I know I'll never participate! I'd love to have a FIAR tree, but I'm not nearly that creative!

    Melissa C


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