Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ackland Art Museum & More

This is a catch up post from last week.  We had another fun field trip with our Five in a Row group!  We visited Ackland Art Museum in Chapel Hill.  We had tours set up for the children that were 5 and older.  There was a children's museum just around the corner which was an option for those with younger children.

We first went the museum and the younger children had a tour (ages 5 to 9).  The older kids went to Starbucks with some of the moms to play games and have a cup of hot chocolate.  I took my two youngest plus a friend's 1yo with me to Kidzu Children's Museum.

What a fun museum!  It wasn't big - which was a great option with 3 small children (one of whom is a wanderer!). 

Doesn't she just look sassy?!  lol

Fun construction area.

Loved this kitchen area and would love to have our play kitchen area organized like this.  Doesn't this look like a fun place to play?  To the left was a large table and farther to the right a refrigerator. 

Can you guess the game that Eliana liked playing?!  Yes, taking off her shoes and socks.  She doesn't wear them a lot at home and I guess she was just making herself comfortable.  lol

For the second hour, the older kids were in the museum and the middle kids joined us at the museum.  I don't have any pics in the museum.  The reports that I heard was that it was very well done.  The docents were great with the children - and complimentary of our group.  One of the activities that Rebecca enjoyed was writing a dossier on one of the figures in a painting. 

Since our group was so split up, we didn't get a chance to see everyone.  We grabbed a few folks and got a picture outside of the museum.

Afterwards, we walked down Franklin Street (the main street in Chapel Hill) for lunch.  We ate with 4 other families at Subway.  It was a fun lunch.  I was excited that for the first time I ordered Daniel a sandwich!  We've been working hard on his food/sensory issues and he is making great progress.  One of the foods he really likes is pepperoni.  So, he got a pepperoni sandwhich - plain.  The sides were applesauce and chips.  A perfect lunch for him!  I was just excited to order from the menu.  Typically, I have brought food for him for our lunches.  I didn't do that today and figured we would do the best we could.  This was a great step!  Way to go Daniel!

Another fun outing with our FIAR group.  We are thankful to be a part of this group!




  1. Celebrating Daniel's sandwich with you. :D

  2. Way to go Daniel!! I'm cheering with you, Leslie. I know the feeling when they try something new (but normal for others!) My 8-y-o just started eating plain hamburgers with the bun. It has been a joyous event and we have celebrated each time...he still has not eaten a sandwich, though! We're still working on that.

    love, Cyndi

  3. Thank you friends!

    Cyndi - congrats to y'all too!!! It is exciting isn't it?!



  4. Just checking in Leslie... it's been a loooong time! And I have to say that Z (who also has/had food/sensory "issues") loves pepperoni too! And applesauce & bread were always on the table for many years in our house, just in case nothing else worked.


  5. Your family is just lovely! I completely relate to the idea of being thrilled to be able to order off the menu -- although we're not there yet. I have one with severe allergies and one with severe reflux and sensory issues. I can't wait for the day I can just hand that kid a sandwich and be done with it! :D Thanks so much for stopping by 5MFSN with your lovely comments today :)

    ~Michelle @ 5MFSN


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