Thursday, February 15, 2007

Visit to ped today

Nothing too exciting.  We visited our ped today for a weight check.  I was disappointed that she had gained NO weight.  My ped said not to worry about it as she thought Eliana is looking good - face filling out some.  We talked about what we'd been doing and figured that the lack of weight is probably due to me not upping the calorie content of her feedings.  I had stopped doing this on Monday as we were having troubles with the feeding pump getting clogged.  We switched to liquid formula/breastmilk instead of the powdered formula to see how it would work.

I wouldn't have thought this made a huge difference in the total amount of calories - but evidently it does.  So, we are back to upping the calorie content to liquid feedings.  (Not using the powdered for now.)  The cost of the liquid formula is really high!  I told my dh that this would really make us appreciate having breastfed the others!  We've saved a lot of money over the years. 

Otherwise, Eliana is healthy and doing well.  We'll go back to the ped next Tues and then are scheduled to see the cardiologist the following week. 

Please continue to pray for all of us.

With love,



  1. Hi Leslie,

    I'm glad you guys are getting a bit settled...a little sleep for Mama does wonders for things like that!

    Anyway, I had a thought for your powdered formula/clogging problem. Have you considered making up a pitcher of formula for each day? I have found that when I mix it all with a whisk, and leave it in the fridge, I don't have the clogging problems with the bottles. I know this has worked for others too. Just thought I'd pass it on! I know that RTF formula will kill the budget!!

    Still praying for you,


  2. Hi Leslie! Looking back at your other updates, I see that the last time Eliana was weighed was at the card. This time, she was weighed at the ped. So, there may just be a little varying between the scales at the two offices. She may have actually gained an ounce or two. Unless she is weighed on the same scale, you don't get a true picture. Eliana is growing! And she is beautiful!

    Anna, from Down Heart


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